Rent the Old fishermen's Inn, dating from anno 1760, located at the heart of Stockholm’s 10 000-island archipelago.




Experience our charming wood-heated, typical Swedish archipelago sauna, which is very pleasant to use after an active day, before or after dinner. See SAUNA.


We can arrange guided sea fishing or longer offshore fishing trip in the archipelago for you or go fishing by your own with our outboard motorboat or go fishing from our jetty.


You can also rent canoes and explore the 10 000-island Archipelago by go paddling out together to the nearby islets and skerries or beyond with our guides.


Or, go for golf rounds at nearby exclusive Fågelbro Golf & Country Club, Wermdö Golf & Country Club or Ingarö Golf Club. They are only a few km away.
Fågelbro Golf & Country Club - 6 km/2 NM
Wermdö Golf & Country Club - 8 km/3 NM
Ingarö Golfklubb - 20 km/3 NM
Norråva Golfklubb - 17 km

Day trip in the archipelago:

Go sightseeing in our taxi boat; visit the yacht club or village of Sandhamn, the famous wildlife painter Bruno Liljefors’s studio, the old lighthouse on the island of Grönskär off Sandhamn and Sandö Island, or go seal-watching in the outer islands and skerries of the Archipelago.
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Solberga gård

Boat tours:

To give your visit to the lodge a special start, leave Stockholm by motor yacht, taxi boat or by fast RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) through the beautiful waterways to Elfsala. The vessels can get you much further out into the 1000-island archipelago, too.
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Gustafs Taxibåtar & Charter
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Sail boat event

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Sail boat event

Sailing events

Boat charter / Taxi boat:

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Gustafs Taxibåtar & Charter
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Catering / Chef

Bistro Gustavsberg
Rent a Chef
Sveriges Kockar

Lunch or dinner trip in the archipelago:

Try our nearby excellent restaurant Bullandö Krog or Strömma Krog in Strömma or go for a trip and have a great meal at one of the restaurants in the archipelago, in Sandhamn, or on Grinda Island.
From Elfsala, distance by car/boat:
Bullandö Krog in Bullandö Marina - 3 km/1 NM
Sandhamns Värdshus, Sandhamn - 10 NM
Grinda Värdshus - 10 NM
Strömma Krog - 4 km/1,5 NM

Go by helicopter!?

We do have a landing pad. For helicopter charter, enquire at:
Öppet hav.

Tourist information

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Stockholm Tourist Centre
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