Rent the Old fishermen's Inn, dating from anno 1760, located at the heart of Stockholm’s 10 000-island archipelago.


Elfsala Lodge is a former fishermen's inn from 1760 and has until recently been used as a private home and as a summer residence. Earlier, the nearby former Fagerdala steamboat landing represented one of the shipping harbors of the mid-Stockholm Archipelago.

At the inn Archipelago fishermen would relax, have a meal and a sleep in the loft, on their way to Stockholm with their catch, or on their return haul.
The inn building, years ago, belonged to the manor of Västra Älvsala (once spelt Westra Elfsala) and it has undergone several changes over the past century. The building was carefully renovated in 2006, partly restored, updated and given a traditional Swedish interior with a very high standard of craftsmanship. And a big jetty has also been laid. The property is to be upgraded continuously over the coming years.

The architect for the renovation, planning and interior design has been Olof Hagstrand Industrial designer SID/MFA of Hagstrand Architecture & Design Co.
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